Top selling bark stopping device with very high success rate

Transmits an ultrasonic sound wave up to 50 feet away

Ultrasonic sound wave can't be heard by the human ear

Free next day delivery in the UK

30 day full money back guarantee


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Top features…

  • Ideal bark stopping device to stop your dog from barking
  • Transmits an ultrasonic sound wave heard up to 50 feet away
  • Ultrasonic waves are a proven way of getting a dogs attention
  • Ultrasonic sound wave is inaudible and cant be heard by humans
  • All orders come with a 30 day full money back guarantee
  • Features a loud audible sound button if dog is out of range
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries with an on/off switch to save on battery use
  • Size of the BarkStopper in millimetres: Length: 105mm Width: 60mm
  • Free delivery with 90% of UK orders arriving the next working day
  • Finally a dog barking solution!

    I have a miniature schnauzer and he is a very yappy dog which has been driving me and my husband round the bend for years! The barking was pretty much all the time but since we have been using this device his barking has decreased dramatically. Sometimes I have to use the audible button but I generally only use that if he’s not in range. The barkstopper now comes with me on every walk and the consistent use I think is very important.

    – Sharyn Lafferty

  • It has stopped my neighbour’s dog from barking!

    Brilliant device!! My neighbour’s dog has been annoying me for the past year and I have tried a few other products on the market with limited success. I was recommended the barkstopper by a friend and was a bit sceptical but after one weeks of regular use it started to work. Apart from a few days when they dog is probably wound up more than normal the barking has all but stopped.

    – Kirsty

  • Great dog training device

    I have been using the BarkStopper for the past 3 weeks on both my dogs (Ones a spaniel and the others a Jack Russell) Whilst one took a bit longer to associate its barking with the noise emitted from the device they are now both reacting to the ultrasonic noise. There needless yapping has now started to cease thankfully and we are very happy with the results.

    – Trevor Primmett

  • Very impressive results

    Very good bark stopping product and I purchased it both for my dog and for the one next door. I think one dogs barking was making the other one bark worse but I still think that it has an effect on both dogs. They still bark occasionally but not at each other and they don’t bark for no good reason. Definitely something I would recommend.

    – John Roache

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