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Transmits an ultrasonic sound wave up to 50 feet away

Ultrasonic sound wave can't be heard by the human ear

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The BarkStopper is an ultrasonic anti barking device. It works by transmitting ultrasonic sound waves at the push of a button, which gets the dog’s attention and stops the dog from barking. These waves are inaudible to humans and can easily travel over fences, walls and hedges making the BarkStopper ideal for dog training purposes or from stopping your neighbours dog from barking. The BarkStopper features one of the strongest ultrasonic outputs available and also has an audible button if the dog is out of range. The BarkStopper is powered by 2 x AA batteries.

  • Transmits an ultrasonic sound wave heard by a dog up to 50 feet away
  • Ultrasonic sound waves are a proven way of getting a dogs attention
  • Features a loud audible sound button if the dog is out of range or hard of hearing
  • All orders come boxed and include easy to understand instructions
Manual activation for full control and consistent use which is vital for stopping dogs barking
Only activated when it is required and will not be activated by other noises or wildlife
BarkStopper uses 2 x AA batteries and does not require any additional or external power
Notorious for being unreliable and inconsistent confusing the dog rather than training it
Scares off all wildlife that makes a noise including songbirds
Requires external power supply which is not practical for outdoor use